Binge Thinking History
History is a myth agreed upon.

After talking to fellow podcaster Jim Mowatt, he of Historyzine fame and Anne who is actually a man, the internet's No 1 podcast reviewer my case of 'podblock' may and I say may be at an end.  Their unique but tried and trusted 'good cop, bad cop' routine seems to have give me the gentle nudge to get me going again and as I type this I am also putting the next episode together. 

On a separate but not unrelated note one thing that has begun to puzzle me is iTunes, I haven't a clue how BTHP keeps it's position between twenty five and thirty in the History podcast charts, it does sometimes as it did the other day reach the heady heights of sixteen but was soon back to it's apparent alloted place.  No one seems to know how the iTunes positional listings work and of course no one at Apple is with all things Cupertino secrecy is distilled almost to an artform.

Thanks for you contined support and feedback...which of course, so don't tell Jim or Anne, is the real reason to keep going.

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