Binge Thinking History
History is a myth agreed upon.

In this episode we follow the events from the time of William and Mary right up the signing of the US Constitution.  Along the way we see the creation of the United Kingdom and that the British find that they will probably need to look abroad if they want to maintain the Monarchy.

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Charles I comes up against Oliver Cromwell which kicks off the English Civil War and is subsequently beheaded.  The English though still liked the idea of monarch, just not the despotic ones, and after Cromwell’s death the Crown is restored.  All is not well though and eventually a Dutchman is invited to become King.


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Henry VIII takes exception to The Vatican not allowing him to get divorced so does what any self respecting supreme leader would do, he creates his own Church.  This is probably the most seismic event in European history and changed just about everything including the relationship between the King, the Church and the State.  The episode runs right up the Charles I and the roots of the English Civil War.


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Episode 1 covers a big chunk of history from about 1100 up to the end of the War of the Roses and the first Tudor King Henry VII.  Included is the first document to outline the limits of an English monarchs power,The Charter of Liberties, the follow up Magna Carta and first Republican revolt lead by Simon de Montford.


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A quick intro to the Binge Thinking History Podcast.  Whilst I am not a history revisionist I am fascinated by the Napoleonic idea that history is a myth agreed up and this is a theme I hope to thread throughout future episodes.


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