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Episode 11 is underway and if the Lords of DIY are kind I might have something before the New Year but it not something just after.  Hopefully!

BTHP would seem to have lots of new listeners, so many in fact that it currently, or the last time I looked anyway, found itself at number 3 in on the UK iTunes History Podcast chart, surrounded by the BBC as it happens, and in the top 100 Podcasts.  November was a bumper month with almost twice as many downloads than previously.  A huge thanks you all.  And of course a equally huge thanks to all you who've posted comments here, send me email or are now following me on Twitter.

Have a great Christmas and New Year and all the very best.


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Here we look at the origins of the English Navy the development of the Navy Royal and the reorganisation and formation of the Royal Navy.  This is the first part of I think three episodes on the Senior Service.

Apologies again for the delay, hopefully I won't take to long next time.

Enjoy and all the best


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In case you're wondering I completed the recording of Episode 10 a few days ago and I've started the edit.  So hopefully I'll have something very soon. 



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The answer it seems was simple. Stop sodding about and produce a podcast, any podcast. Don't bother with the monster special as frankly it'll take until far too long and people will start saying, "Tony who?" So I've abandoned plans for a 'Number 10 special' and as soon as I can, probably this weekend, I'll record the material I already have. Then if the gods of podcasting smile upon me I should have something for you next week. All the best Tony

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I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday about the current pace (or lack of) with which BTHP currently finds itself.  As I already have about forty minutes worth of material, maybe more, it was suggested that I should record what I have already and revert to a multi part series like the previous two topics.

Does anyone have an opinion one way of the other?  Should I just plow on and get the larger episode out as soon as I can (this side of Christmas he says laughing) or record what I have?

All the best


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I've just realised that it was back in July that I posted the last episode of BTHP and it looks as if I am going to have to rethink how I organise my podcasting...I don't want to leave such huge gaps between episodes. Number 10 is about half done, it's going to probably be the biggest one so far, and I hope to have it written as so as possible. Thanks for your continued patience and I'll keep you posted. Tony

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It's not an excuse, well actually it is, but the last week has been a wash out due to having a cold.  No writing, no research...I haven't even had it in me to pick up Arthur Herman's excellent tome. 

I've noticed that BTHP has dropped off the featured pages on iTunes, I'm guessing because of the lack of output.  Podcasting it seems is a fickle mistress particularly for the amateur.

The cold is now in abeyance and normal service will be resumed ASAP.  Hopefully!

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I thought I'd let you know what the plan is for Episode 10 just so you know I haven't forgotten! 

It'll be in two parts but one Episode...if that makes sense.  The first section with be a "Rough Guide to the Royal Navy", basically a potted history of Britain's navy from Alfred to Falklands Conflict.  I think it'll be longer than I first expected, however I did promise a single podcast and I'll be true to my word.  :o)  Then in the second half Jim Mowatt of Historyzine fame and I will discuss what we think are the handful of most significant events in the history of the RN.

I've got as far as Drake as I write this so still a bit a way to go...


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Just in case you're wondering I am working on Episode 10...honest. 

Bear with me


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After catching my breath with the concluding part of the Battle of Britain episode I've been pondering what the milestone number 10 what might cover.  After a discussion with Jim Mowatt of Historyzine fame we've decided to do a double header as we did a while back on his show.

More news as I get it..


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Welcome to the final part of series looking at the Battle of Britain.  What did the air battle over Southern England in the summer 1940 mean?  Was it even a battle?  Can it be see in terms of winners and losers?  And what about the myths?  I try to answers these and few other questions in no particular order. 

Thanks for all the kind and generous comments and email and I hope you enjoy this last BTHP mini series.

All the best.

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Episode 9 is almost done.  I recorded, edited and was just about to publish but decided I wasn't happy with a few bits, nothing serious but will delay posting by probably twenty four hours.  Back very soon.

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Just to let you know I've started to record Episode 9 so it shouldn't been too long.  Hopefully I'll have something before the end of the week.  Fingers crossed.

All the best



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The final episode on the Battle of Britain is on it's way, I'm about half way there so hopefully not long to go.  I also think I know what episode 10 will be about as well.

All the best.

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Welcome back after my affliction of 'podblock'.  We now look at the events after the 'Hardest Day' up to the official end of the battle in October as the Luftwaffe focus attacks on Fighter Commands airfields then switch to attacking London.  Oh...and did you know the Italians turned up after everything was effectively over?

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I've just started recording episode number 8.  It covers the Battle of Britain from the middle of August 1940 until the end of October when most historicans draw a line under the battle.  Based on the material I have I reckon it'll be about 45 mins long so bear with me whilst I try and fit it in around work, dogs and the impending building work which starts next week.

All the very best...Tony

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Just to let those of you are interested I'm half way through the script for No I am getting there...just a bit slower than I'd like.  Bear with me...

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After talking to fellow podcaster Jim Mowatt, he of Historyzine fame and Anne who is actually a man, the internet's No 1 podcast reviewer my case of 'podblock' may and I say may be at an end.  Their unique but tried and trusted 'good cop, bad cop' routine seems to have give me the gentle nudge to get me going again and as I type this I am also putting the next episode together. 

On a separate but not unrelated note one thing that has begun to puzzle me is iTunes, I haven't a clue how BTHP keeps it's position between twenty five and thirty in the History podcast charts, it does sometimes as it did the other day reach the heady heights of sixteen but was soon back to it's apparent alloted place.  No one seems to know how the iTunes positional listings work and of course no one at Apple is with all things Cupertino secrecy is distilled almost to an artform.

Thanks for you contined support and feedback...which of course, so don't tell Jim or Anne, is the real reason to keep going.

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If you're the one person wondering when I might get Episode 8 posted then I can only apologise and confess I'm finding this one tough going.  If the podcasting 'Fates' look favourably upon me the next episode might come sooner than later but if there is a podcasting version of writers block, I don't know say 'Podblock', then I might have it.

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This episode looks at the events after the Luftwaffe stopped attacking convoys in The Channel and launched Eagle Day on the 13th of August 1940 and began the campaign to destroy RAF Fighter Command. 

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No really it is. 

I finished the script at the weekend, in fact I had to stop as it was going to be a monster if I didn't.  Fingers crossed but I should have something in the next week or so and I reckon it'll be about fourty mins long.

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Apologies for anyone waiting on Episode 7 of BTHP and part three of the Battle of Britain, but much of my spare time recently has been taken up by building and decorating work.  Sadly old houses, well the one I live in anyway, need lots of TLC especially if the previous owners have been remiss in their DIY duties.  Wiring, plumbing, painting all take much longer than you expect and the room we’d picked to refurbish was supposed to take two weeks but ended up taking six as I had to undo much of the previous owner but ones DIY vandalism.

But all that is done now and I’m about half way through writing Episode 7 so hopefully I’ll have something for you soon.

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BTHP is reviewed by Anne is a Man.  Follow the link and it'll make sense.

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It's great to see BTHP getting positive reviews for fellow podcasters and bloggers. 

Surely it's not that Dan Brown?

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Episode 6 looks at the start of the Battle of it turns out it was due to a Dornier Do17 crew spotting a convoy called 'Bread'.  It also looks at the Chain Home series of Radar stations and the lead up to Aldertag or Eagle Day.

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This episode looks at the origins of the Battle of Britain, the position Britain and German found themselves in circa mid 1940, some of the key figures and the aircraft the Luftwaffe and RAF would use.  Some myths are examined and the question is asked was the Battle of Britain really a battle.  We'll be returning to this and other questions in subsequent episodes.


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The cold is almost gone and I'm beginning to sound normal again so all things being equal I should be set to record Episode 5 this weekend.  Then depending on DIY and dogs I hope to have it posted before the weekend is done. 

Fingers crossed.

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Just as I get ready to record Episode 5 I come down with a cold.  As I keep coughing and sneezing it doesn't seem fair to subject you to me wheezing though forty odd mins of podcast. 

Hopefully I won't feel this bad for too long.

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I had a fair few emails and comments from people about when the next episode might be posted.  Firstly apologies for taking so long, Christmas, DIY and the amount of material I could cram in have all slowed me down.

It'll will be looking the Battle of Britain, the men, the machines and the myths.

Until then all the best and I'll be right back. 

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