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History is a myth agreed upon.

This episode looks at the origins of the Battle of Britain, the position Britain and German found themselves in circa mid 1940, some of the key figures and the aircraft the Luftwaffe and RAF would use.  Some myths are examined and the question is asked was the Battle of Britain really a battle.  We'll be returning to this and other questions in subsequent episodes.


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The cold is almost gone and I'm beginning to sound normal again so all things being equal I should be set to record Episode 5 this weekend.  Then depending on DIY and dogs I hope to have it posted before the weekend is done. 

Fingers crossed.

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Just as I get ready to record Episode 5 I come down with a cold.  As I keep coughing and sneezing it doesn't seem fair to subject you to me wheezing though forty odd mins of podcast. 

Hopefully I won't feel this bad for too long.

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I had a fair few emails and comments from people about when the next episode might be posted.  Firstly apologies for taking so long, Christmas, DIY and the amount of material I could cram in have all slowed me down.

It'll will be looking the Battle of Britain, the men, the machines and the myths.

Until then all the best and I'll be right back. 

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