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If you're the one person wondering when I might get Episode 8 posted then I can only apologise and confess I'm finding this one tough going.  If the podcasting 'Fates' look favourably upon me the next episode might come sooner than later but if there is a podcasting version of writers block, I don't know say 'Podblock', then I might have it.

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This episode looks at the events after the Luftwaffe stopped attacking convoys in The Channel and launched Eagle Day on the 13th of August 1940 and began the campaign to destroy RAF Fighter Command. 

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No really it is. 

I finished the script at the weekend, in fact I had to stop as it was going to be a monster if I didn't.  Fingers crossed but I should have something in the next week or so and I reckon it'll be about fourty mins long.

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