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History is a myth agreed upon.

Welcome to the final part of series looking at the Battle of Britain.  What did the air battle over Southern England in the summer 1940 mean?  Was it even a battle?  Can it be see in terms of winners and losers?  And what about the myths?  I try to answers these and few other questions in no particular order. 

Thanks for all the kind and generous comments and email and I hope you enjoy this last BTHP mini series.

All the best.

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Episode 9 is almost done.  I recorded, edited and was just about to publish but decided I wasn't happy with a few bits, nothing serious but will delay posting by probably twenty four hours.  Back very soon.

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Just to let you know I've started to record Episode 9 so it shouldn't been too long.  Hopefully I'll have something before the end of the week.  Fingers crossed.

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The final episode on the Battle of Britain is on it's way, I'm about half way there so hopefully not long to go.  I also think I know what episode 10 will be about as well.

All the best.

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