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History is a myth agreed upon.

It's not an excuse, well actually it is, but the last week has been a wash out due to having a cold.  No writing, no research...I haven't even had it in me to pick up Arthur Herman's excellent tome. 

I've noticed that BTHP has dropped off the featured pages on iTunes, I'm guessing because of the lack of output.  Podcasting it seems is a fickle mistress particularly for the amateur.

The cold is now in abeyance and normal service will be resumed ASAP.  Hopefully!

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I thought I'd let you know what the plan is for Episode 10 just so you know I haven't forgotten! 

It'll be in two parts but one Episode...if that makes sense.  The first section with be a "Rough Guide to the Royal Navy", basically a potted history of Britain's navy from Alfred to Falklands Conflict.  I think it'll be longer than I first expected, however I did promise a single podcast and I'll be true to my word.  :o)  Then in the second half Jim Mowatt of Historyzine fame and I will discuss what we think are the handful of most significant events in the history of the RN.

I've got as far as Drake as I write this so still a bit a way to go...


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Just in case you're wondering I am working on Episode 10...honest. 

Bear with me


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