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The answer it seems was simple. Stop sodding about and produce a podcast, any podcast. Don't bother with the monster special as frankly it'll take until far too long and people will start saying, "Tony who?" So I've abandoned plans for a 'Number 10 special' and as soon as I can, probably this weekend, I'll record the material I already have. Then if the gods of podcasting smile upon me I should have something for you next week. All the best Tony

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I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday about the current pace (or lack of) with which BTHP currently finds itself.  As I already have about forty minutes worth of material, maybe more, it was suggested that I should record what I have already and revert to a multi part series like the previous two topics.

Does anyone have an opinion one way of the other?  Should I just plow on and get the larger episode out as soon as I can (this side of Christmas he says laughing) or record what I have?

All the best


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I've just realised that it was back in July that I posted the last episode of BTHP and it looks as if I am going to have to rethink how I organise my podcasting...I don't want to leave such huge gaps between episodes. Number 10 is about half done, it's going to probably be the biggest one so far, and I hope to have it written as so as possible. Thanks for your continued patience and I'll keep you posted. Tony

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