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The First World War marks the end the supremacy of the battleship and the beginning of the end for Pax Britannia.  The decline of Royal Navy mirrors the that of the British Empire for obvious reasons and the it's future is unclear.

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Sails are finally done away with as steam power takes over and the race between armour and guns gets under way.  Pax Britannia turns maps of the world red as the Americans, Japanese and Germans aspire to have navies just like the British; the road to World War One begins.

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This episode covers the end the Napoleonic Wars and what Britain did next, how the Royal Navy had to change and the technological advances that might threaten or enhance it's dominance.


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The episode looks at the period from the start of the French Revolution to the Battle of Trafalgar.

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Hello everyone.  Just to let you know the podcast now had a new website.

The mp3 files will remain hosted on Libsyn as it's a great service and the new site will link to the individual files, in fact I'll probably have to run the two sites along side each other.  You don't have to adjust anything.

Episode 15 is under way too!

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