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History is a myth agreed upon.

This episode takes a look at explorers not the usual fighting and politics.  Cook sails to the Pacific times and Bligh is only remembered because of a certain mutiny.

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Episode 13 at long last. 

The American colonys are lost and things look bleak.  However the reputation of the Royal Navy and Britain is saved by someone whose own was highly suspect. 

Merry Christmas everyone.

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Hello everyone, I seem to be endlessly apologising for delays and this is 'mother of all delays' as Episode 13 tries to make it to completion.  I'm in a perfect storm of delay if you will; work and everything else is taking up far too much time and I decided to try and make this the longest episode I've done.

So worry not BTHP is alive and well, very well in fact as it's almost at 10,000 downloads, it's just not got a well defined schedule.

All the very best


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Finally a new episode and sorry for the long hiatus.  I'm going to try and make sure that doesn't happen again.

This episode covers what happened during the mid 18th Century and the all important Seven Years War, seen by many as the real 'First World War'.  It also saw Britain become the dominant European power without actually having an army on the continent and the continuation of the century long on/off conflict with France.  The road to Waterloo and Trafalgar was set.

Hope you enjoy


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Hello all...just thought I'd let you know I've finished the writing/research for Episode 12 so it's time to do the fun part and record.  Or I would were it not for an onslaught of technical gremlins which I'm currently trying to resolve.  I'm still hoping to get the initial recording done ASAP so fingers crossed.

All the best


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Hello all, just thought I'd let you know that I haven't forgotten about Episode 12.  It's slow going largely as I've been distracted by work, even to the extend of creating some tech podcasts.  Then there is the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain next year and I've come up with a few ideas, just one of which might involve a redux podcast.

If you're interested there is now a Facebook group which is a bit empty at the moment but feel free add some comments.

Right...I've promised you a podcast, be back soon.


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Hello all.  Just to let you know Episode 12 is currently under way, it's early days but the production process has kicked off, as I've said a few times work etc sadly puts BTHP at the bottom of the 'to do' list.  Bear with me dear listener.

I have asked more than once what the theme tune is at the beginning and end of each episode.  It's Beethoven's wonderful Bagatelles for Solo Fortepiano op. 119 no. 1.  If your interested I found the MP3 at which is a great place to find podsafe music of all kinds.

All the very best

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This episode follows the initial fortunes of the English and the Dutch Navies as they take on the French.  It also covers the Golden Age of Piracy and it's demise and sees George Anson be the third English sailor to capture the Manilla Galleon.

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